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Нижегородский Центр Переводов
тел.: 8 (831) 419-54-46

Нижегородский Центр Переводов
основан в 1977 году

Nizhny Novgorod Translation Center
founded in 1977


Requirements for certification of translation

Written translation executed at Nizhny Novgorod Translation Centre can be certified by one of the following ways:

1. Translation that does not require notary certification.

Such translation fulfilled at Nizhny Novgorod Translation Centre is signed by an official of Nizhny Novgorod Translation Centre, certified by a special stamp confirming the completeness and adequacy of the fulfilled translation and, finally, an official seal Nizhny Novgorod Translation Centre, Ltd is attached to it.

2. Translation that does not require notary certification

Notary certification of documents is necessary, as a rule, for their submission into official institutions of the Russian Federation or into official institutions of other countries.

Such translation is certified by a certification sign of a notary testifying to the identity of the translator that fulfilled the translation. The translation of a document is made on a separate sheet of paper, then the papers are strung together, signed and a seal of the notary is attached to them.

3. Apostil

To validate documents that are sent into foreign countries, an apostil is affixed to them (a special stamp of the countries-members of the Hague Convention of October 5, 1961). This certification is acknowledged by official institutions of the countries-members of the Hague Convention.

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