NIZHNY NOVGOROD TRANSLATION CENTRE of scientific and technical literature and specifications from foreign languages celebrated thirty-two years.

Nizhny Novgorod Centre (at that time Gorky Editorial Staff) of the All-Union Translation Centre appeared in May of 1977. It began its work according to the decision of the USSR State Committee on Science and Technology, Academy of Sciences of the USSR and Gorky Regional Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union.

The employees of the Centre have been busy with translating scientific and technical literature and specifications for enterprises and organizations of industries and agriculture, research and planning institutes for thirty-two years. At that time, the «geography of service» was extremely vast. It covered the area from Kirov down the Volga up to Astrakhan and Orenburg. English, French, German and Spanish have been main «working» languages for many years.

We always rely on specialists of «mixed» education combining higher linguistic and technical education.

After the breakaway of the USSR, Nizhny Novgorod Translation Centre entered a new stage of development and started searching for new clientele independently. At that time, there was a considerable decrease in providing translation services of scientific and technical literature from foreign languages.

At the same time, other trends in translation sphere appeared, namely: development of international tourism, immigration processes, education and work abroad.

Thus a need of qualified translators who knows not only traditional West European languages but also languages of the all former republics of the USSR including Baltic countries, Transcaucasia, Central Asia, Ukraine and Byelorussia occurred.

Therefore, we established close contacts with notary offices, passport and visa services and departments of registry offices. Tourist agencies and common citizens apply to us to translate powers of attorney and private papers of different types.

Citizens of the former republics of the USSR coming into the Russian Federation for executing residence permits and citizenship address the Centre for translating private papers, education papers, certificates, service records and etc. The country invites foreign labour force and thus there is a need for translation services.

Young people seek to obtain or continue education abroad, marriages with foreigners have become more frequent and thus translation services are also required.

Development of business, especially of international business, caused the necessity for translating such papers as charters, foundation documents and etc.

Authorities of Central Internal Affairs Directorates, public prosecutor’s offices, courts, arbitrages have work with «foreign trend» and thus they also need translation services.

The above confirms one more time that in the modern society our services are in high demand.

We are always ready for effective collaboration with all our clients.